I Love to Listen to Music

I love music. It really is as simple as that. I enjoy listening to most kinds of it too. Most of my friends will listen mainly to one genre, but it is normal for me to switch from country to pop to heavy metal to Indian to bluegrass and so many others too. I just really appreciate all kinds of music, and I enjoy listening to the stories that the artists are telling us. I just started listening to new music when I discovered songs.pk, which is a download site for Indian songs.

I watched a Bollywood film with two of my friends a few months ago, and the music mesmerized me. Continue reading

The Importance Of Audio Recording Studios

fxjfMusic is completely artistic and gives pleasure to people. Both the artist and the audience get immense joy on playing and listening to music. It gives great excitement and every artist need to have creative and professional support. An audio recording studio is the immense need whether you are a solo performer or you perform as a band. You need to get assistance from a multifaceted quality studio that offers a number of audio services. The purpose of getting there is you get a comfortable environment where you have state-of-the-art technology that is customized to meet the demands of the modern day.

Professional recording studios have team of musicians, engineers, designers and technical experts who are quite passionate about music and make best use of technology in producing music of different genres. Many studios in the world are popular for different music productions. When you look into the specific pages on the studios you can know more about their works and the quality. Different recording studios specialize in various recording, dubbing, music composing and albums, editing, mixing and mastering music in great style.

Learn How To Play Guitar On Your Own

gzjtzdjIf you’re thinking about learning to play the guitar, that’s a great choice! You’ll be joining a huge community of people around the world who are passionate about this fun and versatile instrument. But if you don’t know much about it, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few things to think about before you start playing guitar.

Which type of guitar do you want to learn on?

If you haven’t got a guitar already, you’ll first need to decide which type you want to learn to play on. There are various varieties of guitar, the main categories being electric guitars, acoustic guitars with steel strings and acoustic guitars with nylon strings (of course you can also get electro-acoustics, 12-string guitars etc, but as a beginner you’ll probably want to start with a basic six-string acoustic or electric model). The type you choose will depend on the music you want to learn.

If you’re interested in rock, pop and other popular styles, you’ll want a steel string instrument. Many beginners find electric ones easier to learn

Could You Become a Professional Musician

hkgPlenty of people have at least some degree of skill at playing a musical instrument. If you happen to be one of them, you might consider a career in the music industry? Could you really make this happen? This article might just give you the answer.

There is a big difference between playing an instrument for fun and enjoyment and playing it as a career choice. There are plenty of people who fall into the first category but not as many that decide to head for the second category. If you would like to consider being a professional musician, there are several things worth knowing.

Firstly, you need to have skill. It’s not enough to be reasonably good at playing whatever instrument you have chosen. You have to be exceptionally good at playing it. This means putting in countless hours of practice so you can get better and better.

Now you will probably react in one of two ways to that sentence. You will either be up for doing it and heading for your musical instrument right now (in which case why are you still reading?)

Music Is the Key to a Memorable Experience

Recent studies suggest that elderly people with dementia or other illnesses that cause memory loss find significant comfort when specific music is played to them. In fact, by listening to music that they associate with their youth, they can access their memories in such a way that it minimises the effects of memory affecting illnesses! The simple act of playing familiar music provides a vital key in the struggle to fight against dementia, Alzheimer’s and other illnesses.

Of course, those who love music have always intuitively known that music can access our memories and emotions like nothing else. It is why so many people are passionate about music around the world, and why we see so many young singers and musicians on reality TV programs night after night. It is also why music so often forms an integral part of movies, TV programs, theatrical performances, and even online videos. Such is the suggestive power of music!

Finding the Right Music for Your Project

Bearing the importance of music in mind, it is vital for performers, musicians and others to find the right backing music for their project. If, for example, you are putting together a

Learning to Sing Takes a Lot of Practice and Hard Work

Probably everyone has at least one time thought of themselves as a star. One who can do it all. And, of course, that involves singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and acting. You know, all that stuff that requires talent. Well, the thing I discovered is that hard work can help you earn a living in the entertainment industry even if you never get to be a star. Even third-string quarterbacks earn a living. Me? Well, I was just looking for beginner singing lessons. I played guitar. Not that great, but better than a lot of people who think they can play well. And just like you can objectively measure how well a person plays guitar, you can do it with singing too.

I could bend them strings to hit those notes spot on when playing lead on an electric guitar. Lots of guys are a little flat or sharp when they are bending strings up to a higher note. Continue reading

Types of Accordion Accessories

Accordion is a traditional Irish musical instrument that is greatly favoured by many music lovers, both traditional and modern. However, you need to purchase some accordion accessories to take care of them and ensure that they do not get damaged.

Some of the accessories that are required are:

  • Accordion cases and bags – This is absolutely necessary to protect the accordion from extreme weather conditions and scratches that will affect the instrument adversely. The bags and cases are available in different material and colours to suit your preferences and budget. It will also make it easy for you to carry the instrument. Choose a case for a bag or caser of a sturdy and reliable material if you need to carry the accordion with you frequently.
  • Guide books – For a beginner who has decided to learn to play the instrument on his own, a guide book will assist him in recognising the keys that produce melody as well as various other techniques. Some books also contain demonstrations on how the accordion is to be held and how it should be played as well as pictures to help you recognise